About Us
We've been growing plants here in Devon for more than 30 years but don't be fooled into thinking that the climate will make our plants soft and tender; we are nearly 1000 feet above sea level on the edge of Dartmoor and in a 'normal' season would expect to get 45 inches of rain a year. Temperatures in the winter can fall to below -8 Centrigrade so we think it quite likely that most of our plants will go on to more favourable climes!

Although our range includes many plants which are traditionally referred to as 'rockery' or 'alpine'. most of the plants offered here, such as Helianthemums, Aubrieta, Dianthus and Sedum do very well growing in flower borders and are actually better suited for growing in today's smaller gardens than some more traditional larger growing shrubs.

All plants we supply have been grown by us.We are constantly trialing varieties, old and new, to see which ones offer the best value in terms of plant health, habit and ease of cultivation. The best ones will make it onto our list whilst the less good ones won't.
Although the majority of our plants are supplied in 7cm square pots, we are now offering a range of larger plants grown in a 13cm round pot for those you want a more 'instant' garden.

Our Cyclamen and Autumn Gentians are grown in 9cm square pots.

If you want to contact us, the best way is by email (click here for the link) or by post to Plants for Small Gardens, Goosegate, Bridford, Exeter EX6 7LW

EU Plant passport number: UK/EW 105239 ZPa2